Rules Of Engagement

In Song of Solomon 1:3 she says “DRAW ME and I will Follow. She is saying You meet the criteria and I will respond to it! In my message entitled “Rules of Engagement” I call this The Rule of RECIPROCITY!

Rules Of Engagement

Women give the man everything he wants without him having laid the appropriate groundwork for what he is receiving, like giving him the THING before he gives you the RING. Men, as you follow Christ, she'll follow you! "Rules Of Engagement" is a Message for both Singles & Married couples. Buy the Dvd TODAY!

Rule #1

The Rule Of Authenticity! You Must Know This To Have Any Success In A Relationship! There Are 3 Ways To Test this… Purchase The Dvd & I'll Walk You Through Rule By Rule! Buy The Dvd & Let's Begin Today! - Live Wonderfully Or Live Wondering!

Phillipians 3:13

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